Products & Services

UT Grain Management monitors price movements and events on local and international financial and agricultural markets. The data and events are captured on its database and analysed for possible impacts on international markets and ultimately the South African market. Data and analyses are released through various forms of social media, including price SMS, Whatsapp and electronic market reports. Reports are also compiled on a contractual basis for large clients, provided on the client's company logo and letterhead for redistribution to its clients.

The most well-known international agricultural market is the CME Group, better known in some circles as the Chicago Board of Trade. Prices and technical graph analysis are made available to clients daily and weekly. Other markets such as Bolsa de Cereales, Buenos Aires, Euronext, Paris, and developments in Russia, Ukraine and China, etc. are also monitored.

For many of UT Grain Management’s clients, developments on the South African market, better known as JSE/Safex, still form the core of their business. Much centers around the JSE/Safex futures and options market and events that influence price movements locally and in Southern Africa. The diversity of clients requires both short term market analysis (on a daily or weekly basis) and longer term (seasonal) strategic interpretations. Based on the custom made requirements of clients, prices are made available twice daily (for JSE/Safex), and once in the evening (for CME  Group). Live price monitoring screens are also provided for active clients who either trade or are hedging in the physical or futures market. The following price and market report services are available:

1. Morning Call

The daily Morning Call is a crisp morning report released around 07:30 on the latest news released the previous day, and in the US, the night before, which may possibly impact on prices in the upcoming trading session (09:00 – 12:00). Analysis includes:

  • Foreign exchange rates and developments

  • Commodity prices, local and international

  • Supply and demand developments

  • Technical research

  • Weather reports and predictions

2. Weekly Reports

A selection of reports are offered detailing market and related information. The weekly reports offer an in-depth analysis compared to the daily reports, which primarily focus on the reporting of data and news. Three different reports are published, covering:

  • White and yellow maize

  • Wheat

  • Oilseeds (soybeans and sunflower seed)

3. Price Information

Two types of price information services are offered,

(1) a Whatsapp report released at 7am, covering the highlights on price movements on the JSE/Safex the previous day and CME Group the night before, and

(2) a price SMS twice daily during morning trading session, and once during the evening trading session on CME Group.